Secure services of a lawyer – Kwesi Arthur cautions upcoming musician

Kwesi Arthur advises aspiring artists to ‘secure services of a lawyer’

Ghanaian rapper Kwesi Arthur has recently shared some valuable advice for aspiring musicians in the industry.

He emphasized the importance of investing in legal services to review and understand contracts thoroughly before signing.

This warning comes after rumors of disputes between Kwesi Arthur and his previous record label, which led to his brief absence from the music scene.

The challenges arose when he attempted to renegotiate his contract, facing difficulties in amending certain clauses.

Kwesi Arthur highlighted the significance of having legal counsel to scrutinize contracts and cautioned against rushing into agreements out of eagerness.

In a recent interview with 3Music, the ‘Grind Day’ hitmaker announced his return to the music scene after residing in the US for several months, reaffirming his dedication to his music career.

His experience serves as a reminder to emerging artists about the importance of legal protection when navigating the music industry.