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JK Rowling row with Harry Potter takes a new turn

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Author JK Rowling has sparked controversy once again, this time reigniting a feud with Harry Potter stars Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe over the issue of transgender identity and rights.

In her latest comments, Rowling criticized “celebs” who she accused of supporting the transitioning of minors. This statement comes after Radcliffe and Watson previously spoke out against Rowling’s views on gender identity in 2020.

The BBC reached out to Radcliffe and Watson for their responses to Rowling’s latest remarks. Meanwhile, Rowling welcomed a review that raised concerns about gender identity services for under-18s.

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The recent Cass Review highlighted the lack of strong evidence in medical interventions for gender care in children, describing it as a “watershed moment.” Rowling’s tweet in response to the review garnered reactions from social media users urging Radcliffe and Watson to publicly apologize to her.

However, Rowling made it clear that forgiveness was not guaranteed, stating that apologies should be directed towards detransitioners and vulnerable women rather than herself. The author has faced accusations of transphobia for her stance on gender identity and her belief that trans women should not be allowed in female-only spaces.

Rowling also challenged police in Scotland to arrest her under a new hate crime law after she referred to several trans women as men. Despite this, Police Scotland decided not to take any action against her.

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While Rowling has received both criticism and support for her views, she maintains that she is not transphobic and respects the rights of every trans person to live authentically. Radcliffe, who portrayed the iconic character Harry Potter in the film series, previously expressed the need to support transgender and nonbinary individuals.

Watson and Redmayne also voiced their support for the trans community, asserting that trans identities are valid and deserving of respect. On the other hand, Ralph Fiennes, who played the infamous villain Lord Voldemort, defended Rowling against the abuse she received, labeling it as “disgusting” and “appalling.”

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