About Us

Founded on April 26, 2023, iGhanaian.com (registered under DM Network Services) is a Ghanaian new media that is focused on furnishing readers with the freshest and breaking entertainment news in Ghana and beyond.

In this era of out-of-control fake news and fake AI-generated content, iGhanaian.com aims to push beyond borders and create content as humanly as possible. We believe computers can’t think for us, hence the reason we have employed seasoned journalists with many years of experience in mass media to serve our readers.

We cover 100 per cent entertainment; from lifestyle, music, television, movies, events, travel and tourism, viral videos, and more.

How iGhanaian.com Produces News

iGhanaian.com’s team of experienced journalists and experts go the extra mile to obtain the right information for its readers and deliver it at the right time. We do not rush the news; we rely on tens of news tracking and fact-checking tools to ascertain the facts before hitting the publish bottom.

iGhanaian.com Team/Journalists

iGhanaian.com team includes local and international Managing editors, Editors, Contributors, and Freelance journalists. We operate with skilled journalists, commentators, columnists, and contributors. Most of our writers have a journalism background, so they can go by journalistic ethics.

To know more about our writers, visit our Author Page.

For more information, please email: [email protected]