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VIDEO: Sister of bride beats groom during wedding for refusing to marry her instead

Among the most bizarre news you would ever come across this week is a groom who slept with the sister of his bride and got caught up in an embarrassing fight on his wedding day.

The incident happened in Somalia, however, it’s unclear where exactly it took place.

In a video that has gone viral, a groom whose name is unknown is seen being beaten and harassed at his own wedding reception by two brides gabbed in the same wedding gown.

According to many Instagram users who could translate their language, they claimed the groom had been having a premarital affair with the sister of his wife-to-be. However, he refused to marry the two. In their culture, it is said polygamy is permitted.

The sister of the bride also waited until their wedding reception before she took matters into her hands.

In the video, the sister of the bride dressed as a bride, sporting the same gown as her sister. She is seen verbally abusing the man while attempting to smack him with her flower bouquet.

Watch the embarrassing moment below.

David Mawuli
David Mawuli
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