Video: Omah Lay picks another girl from crowd in Berlin Concert

VIDEO: Omah Lay refuses to pick a girl from crowd in Berlin concert

Berlin fans of Nigerian singer Omah Lay were treated to a hilarious moment during a recent performance as the artist opted for a unique dance partner.

Instead of choosing a female fan to join him on stage during his rendition of the hit song “Bend You,” Omah Lay jokingly suggested dancing with a male fan.

In a viral video capturing the moment, he can be heard saying, “I want to pick a girl from the crowd.”

The crowd erupted in laughter at Omah Lay’s humorous twist, showing his quick wit and ability to keep the energy high during his performances. The singer’s playful interaction with fans added an extra element of fun to the show, creating a memorable experience for all in attendance.

Omah Lay continues to entertain and connect with fans through his music and engaging stage presence.