I never planned on quitting music despite challenges with going independent – Kwesi Arthur

I never planned on quitting music – Kwesi Arthur on GroundUp Chale split

Rapper Kwesi Arthur has set the record straight on rumors suggesting he was planning to quit the music industry following his departure from GroundUp Chale, his former management company.

Speaking in an interview on 3Music TV, the artist acknowledged the challenges he faced transitioning to being an independent artist after being part of a system for years.

Despite the hurdles, Kwesi Arthur continued to release music consistently, with tracks like “Pain Interlude,” “Penny,” and “For Life” maintaining his presence in the industry.

The rapper emphasized that he never intended to stop making music, stating, “If I would have stopped making music, it would have been then, in 2022.” He also pointed out that he recently released his first project under his own music company, which he started in honor of his grandmother.

Addressing the rumors of discord between him and his former record label that circulated on social media, Kwesi Arthur explained that challenges arose during contract renegotiations due to certain clauses that were difficult to amend. He urged artists to seek legal advice before signing agreements hastily, emphasizing the importance of understanding the terms and conditions.

After spending several months in the US, Kwesi Arthur announced his return and reaffirmed his dedication to his music career. He expressed a desire to inspire others, especially musicians, and vowed to continue delivering his best work to fans.

As he moves forward in his career, Kwesi Arthur remains focused on striving for excellence and serving as a source of hope and inspiration to his followers and fellow artists.