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Re-introduce music education in basic schools – Bessa Simons

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The President of the Musicians Union of Ghana, Bessa Simons, has made a passionate call for the re-introduction of music education in basic schools.

Speaking at Joy FM’s Creative Industry Manifesto series on Showbiz A-Z, Bessa Simons emphasized the importance of providing children with a foundational knowledge of music.

He believes that exposing children to music at an early age will not only enhance their musical skills but also help them understand the rudiments of music.

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Bessa Simons highlighted the significance of the diatonic scale in music, stating that it serves as the basis for all melodies. By reintroducing music education in schools, children will have the opportunity to learn about Ghanaian culture through local songs and traditional music.

This call for the reintroduction of music education comes on the heels of a similar suggestion made by Seven Xavier, the President of the Ghana Music Alliance.

In a meeting with the Creative Arts Education Committee, Gyankroma Akufo-Addo, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Creative Arts Agency, urged stakeholders to expedite their efforts in presenting a proposed bill to Parliament.

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Gyankroma emphasized the need to enhance the teaching and learning of arts in schools by working closely with the Ministry of Education. She highlighted the importance of starting the initiative from teacher training colleges to ensure that educators are equipped to implement the curriculum effectively.

The challenge with teaching creative arts in schools, according to Gyankroma, stems from the lack of qualified practitioners within the industry.

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