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How Lord Paper caught his girlfriend cheating on him with Mr. Drew

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Ghanaian music artist, Lord Paper, whose real name is Michael Takyi-Frimpong, recently appeared on the GTV breakfast show to discuss the inspiration behind his latest EP track titled “Jane.”

The song, which is part of his EP “Something Something,” delves into his past relationship with a woman named Jane, who he claims was unfaithful with fellow musician Mr. Drew. Lord Paper shared how this experience influenced his journey to success in the music industry, as Jane supposedly preferred a more successful artist like Mr. Drew.

Despite the drama surrounding the situation, Lord Paper mentioned that he still maintains a good relationship with Mr. Drew, as Mr. Drew was reportedly unaware of Jane’s involvement with Lord Paper at the time.

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In the interview, Lord Paper also touched on the misinterpretation of his earlier songs such as “Sika duro” and “Dzigbordi,” clarifying that these tracks were meant as storytelling devices rather than autobiographical accounts. Themes of betrayal, love, and societal issues were explored in these songs.

The EP “Something Something” consists of four tracks, including “Fighting Spirit,” “Mistake,” “Kofi Junior,” and the emotionally charged “Jane.” Lord Paper’s candid revelations shed light on the personal experiences fueling his creative process and showcase the depth of storytelling in his music.

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