I love money, peace of mind; apologize to Medikal – Criss Waddle to Showboy

You’re ungrateful Criss Waddle; it’s over between us – Showboy

The ongoing feud within the AMG Business camp continues to escalate as Showboy has launched a scathing attack on his former friend, Criss Waddle.

Once known as a trusted ally of Criss Waddle, Showboy, also known as Sam Safo, has now turned against him. The rift between the two was made public when Criss Waddle released a video criticizing Showboy for causing disruptions within the camp.

The main source of contention seems to be Criss Waddle’s decision to prioritize his former protege Medikal over Showboy, leaving him feeling betrayed and resentful. Showboy has expressed his disappointment with Criss Waddle, stating that he feels unappreciated for his loyalty and efforts.

Showboy went on to reveal that he had gone to great lengths to help Criss Waddle, including using his connections to assist Waddle in legal matters with the FBI and aiding in his return to Ghana. Despite these efforts, Showboy has now announced his decision to cut ties with Criss Waddle.