I intend to unveil fresh songs alongside an EP in the upcoming months – Mr. Drew

I intend to unveil fresh songs alongside an EP in the upcoming months – Mr. Drew

During a recent Pulse Chat Session at the African Music Business Dialogue, the talented Afrobeat sensation Mr Drew gave fans a glimpse into his upcoming musical projects.

The dialogue, which focused on the theme ‘Why Content Creators are the New Taste Makers in Music Marketing,’ took place on Friday, March 22, 2024. Mr Drew, brimming with excitement, shared his plans to release fresh tracks and an EP in the coming months, sparking anticipation among his fans.

“I’ve got an EP coming in May. I’ve got a single coming in a few weeks, in about three weeks, so watch out; it is going to be lovely,” he revealed during the discussion.

Speaking on the importance of content creators in expanding the reach and impact of music, Mr. Drew highlighted their ability to interpret songs in unique ways, adding layers of meaning that may go beyond the artist’s original vision.

“Content creators have a way of reinterpreting our songs in a way that the artist couldn’t. You have them interpret the songs in a way that somebody will fall in love with it,” he explained.

Furthermore, Mr Drew emphasized the need for musicians to have a clear vision and strategic planning before releasing their music, advising them to understand the desired trajectory for their songs and the target audience they aim to reach.

“Even before you start distributing, you should have a plan, how big you want your song to be, the kind of people you want to reach,” he advised.

As fans eagerly await Mr Drew’s upcoming releases, they are anticipating being captivated by his latest musical creations, which are sure to resonate with audiences worldwide.

The African Music Business Dialogue also featured insights from other notable speakers such as Endurance Grand and Official Starter, with moderation by Gideon Nicholas Day. Together, they highlighted the evolving role of content creators as crucial influencers in modern music marketing.