I haven’t received an offer from NPP to compose a campaign song – Great Ampong

Ghanaian gospel artist Isiah Ampong, widely known as Great Ampong, has strongly denied the rumors suggesting that he was paid to create campaign songs for the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

During an interview on Connect 97.1 FM’s “Edwumapa mbr3,” Ampong, who is a staunch supporter of the NPP, reaffirmed his loyalty to the party but dismissed any claims of receiving financial compensation for political music.

He made it clear, saying, “Anyone accusing me of being paid for a campaign song is mistaken. I have not been approached or given any money for such a project.”

Ampong also highlighted that regardless of whether he decides to release political songs this year or not, his support for the NPP remains unwavering.

“Whether or not I choose to put out a political song this year, my allegiance to the NPP remains firm,” he declared.

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of maintaining authenticity in both his artistic expression and political beliefs.