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Who forced you to have 5 kids? – Lebanese man slams Ghanaians complaining about economic hardship (VIDEO)

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A Lebanese TikToker who lives in Ghana has slammed Ghanaians for blaming their financial woes on the economy and the government of Ghana.

The TikToker, whose handle is Izzyelkhawaja, unloaded on Ghanaians last week for constantly complaining about the economy when they could easily prevent it.

According to him, the same Ghanaians complaining about the economic hardship aren’t planning their families well yet blame everything on the government.

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“Ghana is hard and things are expensive. Meanwhile, you are having five children,” he said in a video sighted by iGhanaian.com on his TikTok account.

“You made it hard for you [because] even if Ghana is hard, now you have times five [five children]. Who forced you to bring five children into the world?” he quizzed.

He continued: “You don’t know how to use protection. Wake up for God’s sake. You have a whole seven kids and blame the government for everything.”

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“You brought a whole human being into the world. Of course, things are hard. You are barely surviving and you are taking loans to pay for your children’s fees. Who forced you?” he concluded.

How did social media react?

The majority of social media users who saw the viral video concurred with him.

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“My parents have 6 kids and there was no money, I struggle to reach where I am now,” an Instagram user said.

Another said: “So too many kids and there are no money, it’s not good.”

But some disagreed with him, raising some good points to buttress their contention.

“What of those who don’t have the five children smh,” a user said.

“In the UK people have maximum of 1 or 2 kids some even and the government support them on top but yet still they are crying, what about that? Your submissions are very misleading because you’re using people with 5 kids to infer your conclusion that they are making things harder for themselves. What about those with no child, wife or husband that are saying things are hard, are they also responsible for the hardships? If they are not then in reality things are hard. But the family with more kids will struggle,” another opined.

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