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Ghanaian TikToker takes pictures of another TikToker to her mother’s grave, curses her (VIDEO)

A Ghanaian lady abroad who is popular on TikToker has taken fellow TikToker to her mother’s graveyard to do the unthinkable.

Sexy Vida, a popular Ghanaian TikToker in Belgium, has taken on another TikToker named Akua Boahemaa, who lives in Spain, in spiritual warfare.

It all started as a social media banter between the two a few weeks ago, then it moved to personal draggings and now, it’s getting worse.

It is unclear how the fight started on TikTok, however, from our observation, it appears to be one of the many random daily TikTok banters that escalated into a huge spiritual warfare.

Both dragged each other ruthlessly, however, Vida was more hurt because Akua didn’t just insult her, she insulted her late mother.

For this reason, Video took pictures of her to her mother’s grave and invoked curses on her.

What is social media saying?

There have been mixed reactions to the post on social media, especially on IGhanaian’s Instagram page, with the majority lambasting her.

“It’s okay next time they should insult the person directly without involving any innocent person. Why insult each other self,” an Instagram user said.

“Hmmmm. It’s not everyone that likes you, some people are just waiting for you to do some bad to them in a heated moment, just to use it against you,” one user said.

Another user told her to let her dead mother rest: “Let your mum rest…do you know what is happening where she is?”

“No, she is just insane. She needs to see the psychiatrist,” another user added.


David Mawuli
David Mawuli
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