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Girlfriend catches boyfriend wearing her pants; humiliates him in public (VIDEO)

It was a sight to behold and public humiliation for a boyfriend who allegedly stole his girlfriend’s pants and wore it outside their home.

The world has witnessed many fetishes but this comes as a little shock, considering that boxers aren’t that expensive or this act could be done in their bedroom.

In a viral video that has gathered thousands of views, a couple have been filmed in public having a hot exchange over the girlfriend’s pants.

The boyfriend in question, wearing dreadlocks in the video below, was hesitant when his girlfriend approached him in public and asked him to pull down his trousers for her to confirm what she’s been looking for.

After minutes of back and forths, the girlfriend forced the boyfriend’s trousers down and lo and behold, he was wearing lady’s pants.

What is social media saying?

Many social media users who saw the video are of the view that the incident was staged or scripted for comic skit purposes.

Some claim the incident was unheard of and that this will not happen on a regular day in Ghana.

“They were shooting funny video,” a user said.

Others had different views about the situation.

“Don’t joke with Kumasi Asafo girls,” a user said. One user said: “So you can wear our boxer shorts, but we can’t wear your panties right? Fine case.”

Another user added: “Boys can also wear their pants since they also use to wear ours ern.”

Watch the full video below.

David Mawuli
David Mawuli
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