“I like recording in the dark” – Gyakie opens up about her creative process

Gyakie opens up about her creative process: “I like recording in the dark”

Ghanaian music sensation Gyakie recently sat down for an interview where she shared some insight into her creative process.

She revealed that she prefers to work in darkness, as it allows her to focus and tap into her creativity. Gyakie explained how being in a dark room while recording helps her connect with the music on a deeper level, allowing her to imagine the perfect storyline for each song.

During the interview, Gyakie also touched on her songwriting process, mentioning that she often draws inspiration from personal experiences. She finds it easier to convey genuine emotions when writing about real-life situations, but she also enjoys delving into imaginary worlds to create unique narratives.

The talented musician expressed her appreciation for the collaborative efforts in music production, highlighting the importance of strong relationships with her producers. Gyakie hinted at some exciting projects in the works, including an upcoming album, new singles, and the much-anticipated “Vibe with Gyakie” experience.

Reflecting on the current state of the Ghanaian music industry, Gyakie shared her optimism for its future, pointing out the success of recent hits.

She expressed her pride in the direction that Ghanaian music is heading, stating, “This year is looking really, really, really good, and I’m so proud of where we are headed.”