Diana Asamoah exposes Junior Pastor for stealing GHC4k from her Momo wallet

Diana Asamoah exposes junior pastor for stealing GHC4k from her Momo wallet

Ghanaian gospel artist Diana Asamoah has come forward with shocking accusations against her junior pastor, Rev. Eric Kwame Asante.

The singer alleges that Asante stole an amount of GHS4,000.00 from her Mobile Money wallet.

The incident reportedly took place while Asamoah was monitoring her transactions, and she claims that Asante somehow managed to capture her pin code during this time. Subsequently, he allegedly withdrew the significant sum from her account without her knowledge.

In a bold move, Asamoah states that she was aided by divine intervention in exposing Asante’s actions. She took to TikTok to address the situation, which had begun circulating on social media.

During her live session, Asamoah revealed, “You may have come across a circulating video regarding my own Pastor, Rev. Eric Kwame Asante. This is not the first time he is misbehaving, but he typically seeks forgiveness, and I forgive him. However, this time, it was different.”

She continued, “With the assistance of the Holy Spirit and Dr. Digital (referring to Bawumia), it is now impossible to evade detection, no matter how far one goes to commit theft. The individual in question saw my pin code while I was conducting transactions and proceeded to withdraw GHC4,000.00, allegedly intending to spend it on women.”

Asamoah emphasized that she shared her story not to discredit men of God, as she holds them in high regard, but to caution others about being vigilant. Despite his recent claim to have left the CAC church, Asante remains unyielding.

The gospel artist concludes by stating, “Just as I was about to sleep, the Holy Spirit revealed his actions to me.”

The situation continues to unfold, with Asamoah taking legal action by involving the Tesano Police and having Asante’s personal assistant, who is also a pastor, arrested.

The full video of the incident can be viewed on social media platforms.