The drug I now take is worse than cocaine – Abena Korkor

VIDEO: The drug I now take is worse than coca!ne – Abena Korkor

Abena Korkor Addo, a patient with bipolar disorder, recently opened up about the adverse effects of her current medication, Lithium carbonate.

She made shocking revelations during an interview on the KSM show, comparing the impact of the drug to that of cocaine.

The young woman shared a disturbing incident where she was hospitalized after taking the medication.

She recounted how the drug caused her to behave erratically, leading her to destroy property such as air conditioners, break louvers, and even harm herself. It was only with the intervention of TV3 that the damages she caused were rectified, with a cost of over 60,000 cedis.

In addition to her struggles with mental health and medication, Abena Korkor faced consequences in her professional life.

In 2021, she was removed from her position as a host of the TV3 program, Ladies Circle show. This decision came after she posted a semi-nude video of herself on social media, which went viral and garnered negative attention.

Abena Korkor took to social media to announce the termination of her contract herself, revealing that her employers cited the explicit video as the reason for her dismissal.

The Media General group, which owns TV3, deemed the video as detrimental to the show’s image and its sponsors, leading to their decision to let her go.