The drug I now take is worse than cocaine – Abena Korkor

Abena Korkor always does her morning devotion – Counsellor Appiah

Popular media personality Abena Korkor has found an advocate in Counsellor Appiah, who is keen to set the record straight about her character.

Contrary to what many may believe, Counsellor Appiah insists that Abena Korkor is a kind-hearted and amiable individual who is open to collaboration and guidance.

In his efforts to support Abena Korkor, Counsellor Appiah revealed that he has been conducting morning devotions with her. During these sessions, Abena Korkor actively participates by praying and sharing her thoughts, demonstrating her sincerity and commitment to personal growth.

Despite any preconceived notions about her, Counsellor Appiah wants the public to see Abena Korkor in a different light and show her compassion and understanding. He emphasized the importance of supporting her journey towards integration into society.

For more insight into Counsellor Appiah’s efforts with Abena Korkor, watch the video shared at the link above.