Meet Rev Charles Dwumfour Appiah, Abena Korkor’s counsellor

Meet Rev Charles Dwumfour Appiah, Abena Korkor’s counsellor

The popular media personality Abena Korkor has been noticeably absent from the public eye recently, leaving many fans and followers wondering about the cause of her hiatus. It turns out that her counsellor, Rev Charles Dwumfour Appiah, might have something to do with it.

Rev Appiah, a Senior Minister at Global Life Outreach Ministries (GLOM), has been working closely with Abena Korkor to help guide her towards positive change. In a recent statement, he debunked some misconceptions about her character, emphasizing that she is actually a kind-hearted individual who is easy to work with.

According to Rev Appiah, he has had no trouble in his efforts to mentor Abena Korkor. One of the strategies he uses is conducting morning devotions with her, where she shows her commitment by praying and sharing her reflections with him.

He also urged the public to withhold judgement and instead try to understand Abena Korkor’s situation. He stressed the importance of supporting her as she strives to integrate effectively into society.

Despite his involvement in Abena Korkor’s life, not much information is available to the public about Rev Charles Dwumfour Appiah.