Brother Sammy

I dare you to make prove of accusations against Nacee – Charterhouse to Brother Sammy

Charterhouse, the organization responsible for overseeing the prestigious Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA), has recently been embroiled in a dispute with gospel artist Brother Sammy.

The singer made allegations against fellow artist Nacee and the TGMA board, claiming that Nacee’s involvement in the nomination process led to his exclusion from receiving nominations. Brother Sammy even went as far as to suggest that he would only be considered for an award if Nacee were no longer alive.

In response to these serious accusations, Charterhouse’s Public Relations Officer, Robert Klah, refuted Brother Sammy’s claims during a live interview on Hitz FM.

Klah made it clear that Nacee is not a part of the TGMA board and challenged Brother Sammy to provide any evidence supporting his statements. He emphasized the importance of truthfulness and cautioned against spreading misinformation that could lead to legal consequences.

Klah reassured all artists, including Brother Sammy, that their submissions would be fairly assessed for award nominations as long as they adhered to the guidelines. He explained that if Brother Sammy submits his work like any other artist, it will be reviewed and considered for any applicable categories.

The organization urged everyone involved to prioritize honesty and integrity to avoid any unnecessary conflicts.