Why GHC85 is topping Twitter trends

Why GHC85 is topping Twitter trends

Ghanaians are known for their love affair with Indomie noodles, but recently, this relationship has reached new heights with a surprising trend. A single serving of the beloved noodles is now being sold for a whopping GHC85.

Indomie noodles have always been a popular choice for many Ghanaians due to their convenience and quick preparation. With just water and a few ingredients, a satisfying meal can be created in no time.

The sudden increase in pricing has caused a stir among netizens, sparking discussions about affordability. A viral video circulating online shows a young woman approaching a vendor to purchase one of these GHC85 Indomie servings. This dish, prepared with spicy ingredients and sausages, is a significant departure from the standard GHC13 offering, signaling a shift in consumer expectations and pricing dynamics.

As Ghanaians come to terms with this culinary phenomenon, debates surrounding the true value of a bowl of Indomie noodles continue to dominate conversations both online and offline.

The Twitter video shared by user Kofi Ntim showcases the “loaded Indomie” priced at GHC85, adding to the buzz surrounding this new trend. As Ghanaians navigate through this new development, one thing is for sure – the love for Indomie noodles in Ghana remains unwavering.