You cannot advise a fool – Kofi Kinaata

Ghanaians love political parties more than the country’s welfare- Kofi Kinaata

Award-winning Ghanaian musician, Kofi Kinaata, recently took a stand against the deepening political divisions within Ghana. In a frank interview, he addressed how the unwavering loyalty to political parties is hindering the country’s progress.

Kinaata expressed his concerns about how citizens prioritize their allegiance to political parties over the well-being of the nation. He highlighted the detrimental effects of this mindset, stating that it stifles discussions on crucial issues as people fear backlash and political labeling.

The acclaimed musician expressed his frustration with the current state of affairs, noting that the pervasive mindset of party loyalty hinders meaningful conversations. He lamented the fact that criticizing any political party often leads to attacks from their supporters, creating a chaotic situation where genuine dialogue becomes difficult.

“In our country, politicians have made promises, but we see little change. Personally, I’ve lost hope,” Kinaata remarked in an interview with Graphic Online. He emphasized how people’s strong affiliations to parties hinder productive conversations and prevent solutions from being reached.

Despite receiving invitations to join politics, including offers from the Movement for Change, Kofi Kinaata clarified that he has no intentions of entering the political arena. His comments shed light on the concerning trend where political allegiance overshadows national interests, impeding constructive dialogue and problem-solving.