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My parents’ divorce did not help me – Shatta Wale reveals

Ghanaian Dancehall artist Shatta Wale recently opened up about the impact of his parents’ divorce on his life.

In a candid revelation, Shatta Wale shared how his parents’ separation had a profound effect on him, leading to a period of homelessness and hardship.

The artist expressed his deep desire to have grown up in a stable home with both parents present. However, the trauma and challenges stemming from his parents’ divorce created a broken home environment that significantly impacted his mental well-being. Shatta Wale described how he felt compelled to leave home at one point to protect his own sanity.

“Growing up, I lived with my parents for a while but they did not help me. They made a mistake and broke up. They created a broken home; our home was broken and it affected me so much. Our broken home affected me. Anytime I talked or complained about this, they labelled me disrespectful. So, I left them. I left the house. I ran from my parents,” Shatta Wale shared during a Facebook Live session.

As a result of his traumatic experiences, Shatta Wale developed a coping mechanism of cutting people off to avoid stress and negativity in his life. He explained that just as he distanced himself from his parents in the past, he continues to swiftly cut off anyone who causes him stress.

“I started running from stress, running from people who would stress me. That’s where I learned how to cut people off because I don’t want stress. I cut people off without thinking twice. I am the chief cutter. I have learned that in life, it is important to cut off anyone who wants to bring negativity into your life,” Shatta Wale stated.