The police will come for me when I express my frustration over dumsor – DKB

The police will come for me when I express my frustration over Dumsor – DKB

Popular Ghanaian comedian, DKB, has taken to social media to voice his frustrations over the current economic conditions and the frequent power outages known as ‘dumsor’ that are affecting daily life in Ghana.

In a tweet dated April 26, DKB, whose real name is Derrick Kobina Bonney, shared that he had been absent from the platform due to the distress caused by the country’s economic challenges and the unreliable electricity supply.

He went on to express concerns that tweeting about his genuine feelings regarding the situation could potentially land him in trouble.

“You’ve not been seeing my tweets lately cos Chale, the way the bad economy and dumsor dey make I vex daily, If I go tweet, I’ll end up for cornerback (behind bars). Who else feels the same?” DKB wrote.

The comedian’s sentiments resonate with many Ghanaians who are also grappling with similar frustrations as the country faces economic hardships and intermittent power cuts, which have negative impacts on both the economy and the well-being of the citizens.

DKB’s tweet has sparked conversations online, with many people sharing their own experiences and frustrations with the current state of affairs in Ghana.