‘I provided 4 cars, rented in a luxurious estate for her – Shatta Wale on claims of abandoning his mother

I provided 4 cars, rented in a luxurious estate for her – Shatta Wale on claims of abandoning his mother

In recent news, there has been ongoing online conflicts involving the popular Ghanaian artist, Shatta Wale. One of the prominent accusations that keep arising is that he neglects his mother.

Despite his repeated denials of these claims, Shatta Wale has taken steps to demonstrate his support for his mother. He has made significant contributions to enhance her life, such as purchasing four cars for her and securing an upscale apartment in Accra.

These actions come in response to criticisms of Shatta Wale’s alleged neglect of his mother, especially as he focuses on his feuds, notably with Stonebwoy.

One individual, Ayisha Modi, has particularly criticized Shatta Wale for prioritizing conflicts over caring for his mother. Modi stated, “You are insulting someone’s dead mother while you can’t even feed or take care of your living mother. You just keep fooling. Bring yourself wai.”

In response to these accusations, Shatta Wale defended himself by revealing, “Everyone in my life has spent my money, including my parents. That’s why when I hear people talk about my mother, you amaze me. People actually think I am not sensible enough, they think I abandoned my mother. They think I don’t take care of my mother. I gave my mother four cars and rented a house at an estate for her. You don’t know about these things yet you talk nonsense about me all the time. All the good things I did for her, she doesn’t appreciate.”

The background of this controversy dates back to 2022 when Shatta Wale’s mother, Elsie Avemegah, expressed her frustration on social media. She revealed that she had been kicked out of her East Legon apartment, which she had rented for six years. In subsequent radio interviews, Shatta Wale’s mother stated that she hadn’t seen her son in over five years and was struggling with her living conditions.

Despite these pleas from his mother, Shatta Wale has faced intense criticisms and mockery for allegedly ignoring her cries for help. The situation remains unresolved, as the public continues to scrutinize Shatta Wale’s actions towards his mother.