‘If nobody wants to give me my flowers, I will take it by force’ – Wiyaala on Saminifest flyer controversy

If nobody wants to give me my flowers, I will take it by force – Wiyaala on Saminifest flyer controversy

Afropop sensation Wiyaala has once again proven that she is not one to be disrespected in the industry. The talented singer recently spoke out about her position on a promotional flyer for Saminifest, expressing her dissatisfaction with how she was portrayed.

The promotional flyer, which featured artistes like Kuami Eugene and Fancy Gadam, had Wiyaala positioned at the back while Samini took the front spot. This did not sit well with the award-winning singer, who demanded a change in her position on the flyer or she would withdraw from the concert.

During an interview with AJ Sarpong on 3FM Lounge, Wiyaala emphasized that she refused to be treated as an upcoming artiste and insisted on being placed where she rightfully deserved to be. She made it clear that she would not tolerate being marginalized or disrespected simply because she is a female artiste.

In response to Wiyaala’s concerns, Samini assured her that he was unaware of the issue and promised to address it promptly with the organizers. The singer expressed his intention to rectify the situation and ensure that Wiyaala’s position on the flyer was changed accordingly.

Wiyaala’s stand against disrespect towards female artists in the industry is commendable, and her refusal to be sidelined is a powerful statement that is sure to resonate with many in the music industry.