‘I was body shamed, my music was not appreciated’ – Wiyaala speaks about early career challenges

Wiyaala on being body-shamed and her music not being appreciated

Award-winning Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Wiyaala, has opened up about the challenges she faced at the beginning of her music career.

In an interview on 3FM Lounge, Wiyaala shared how she felt disappointed when Ghanaians initially did not accept her style of music, especially when she was singing in her native Sissala language.

According to the ‘Rock My Body crooner’, she experienced body shaming and her music style was not appreciated by many in the early stages of her career. However, she found encouragement and support from the diasporan community who quickly embraced her unique sound.

Despite facing resistance in her home country, Wiyaala explained that she focused on building a fan base abroad where her music was well-received. She revealed that she capitalized on the criticisms she received in Ghana and channeled her energy towards those who appreciated her music both in Ghana and internationally.

Wiyaala also mentioned that she was advised by her management to collaborate with Ghanaian artists whose music had already been accepted in the industry.

However, she found it financially draining to adapt her style to fit in with the mainstream music scene and decided to stay true to her authentic sound.

Despite the initial challenges, Wiyaala has gone on to achieve great success and has won several awards both locally and internationally for her unique style of music.