Jackline Mensah

Tiktok is more lucrative than acting – Jackline Mensah

Ghanaian TikToker and actress Jackline Mensah has made headlines with her recent comparison of earnings from her TikTok career to her acting gigs.

In a recent interview, Mensah revealed that she believes being a TikToker is more financially rewarding than pursuing acting opportunities.

Previously stating that she made 3000 cedis a week from TikTok in 2022, Mensah now firmly asserts that TikTok pays more than acting, based on her personal experience.

She admitted that her exposure to acting has been limited to working with YN Production, but her success on TikTok has been undeniable.

Known as the ‘TikTok goddess’ or ‘Lassu,’ Jackline Mensah has built a substantial following on the popular social media platform, with over 2.0 million followers as of 2022.

Her journey from posting comedic videos to becoming a social media personality, comedian, actress, and influencer showcases the power and potential for income growth on platforms like TikTok in the entertainment industry.