I was never interested in fame – Kofi Sarpong

I was never interested in fame – Kofi Sarpong

Ghanaian Gospel musician, Kofi Sarpong, has opened up about the unexpected journey that led him into the music industry. Despite having a successful career as a police officer, Sarpong never imagined that fame in the music scene would be a part of his life.

In an interview with Joy Prime’s Prime Morning with KMJ, Sarpong recalled the moment when his current manager, Kwesi Ernest, approached him with a proposal to record music after a performance at a church. Initially resistant to the idea due to his passion for police work, Sarpong gave his manager a hard time before eventually agreeing to take the leap into music.

His manager, however, was persistent and refused to give up on convincing Sarpong to pursue a music career. He even sent multiple people to persuade Sarpong until he finally relented.

Sarpong shared, “He came to see me one day and told me, ‘Papa, I’ve seen you from afar. You don’t know me, but I know you, and I want the world to see what’s in you, so please give me the opportunity.’ After he left, I had to apply to the Inspector General of Police, and approval came through.”

After receiving the approval from the IGP, Sarpong was filled with a mix of fear and relief. He then embarked on his music journey, rehearsing his first song on the very day his manager brought in Akwaboah Jnr, the writer of the song.

Despite his initial reluctance, Sarpong has since made a name for himself in the Gospel music industry, captivating audiences with his soul-stirring songs and powerful performances.