War can devastate nation, let’s be thankful for the peace we have – Kofi Sarpong

I have been paid with malt drink and meat pie after performing – Kofi Sarpong

Renowned gospel artiste Kofi Sarpong recently highlighted the financial challenges faced by many gospel musicians in the industry.

In an interview on Prime Morning on Joy Prime, Sarpong openly shared his struggles, particularly in the business aspect of gospel music.

He spoke about instances where his passion for ministry led him to perform at events without following the proper protocols, resulting in inadequate compensation for himself and the instrumentalists and backup singers who depend on these gigs for their livelihood.

Sarpong recounted a specific incident where he performed at an event without involving his manager, leading to minimal compensation in the form of malt and meat pie.

He emphasized the need for proper support and financial backing from stakeholders in the gospel music industry, recognizing the significant role artists play in ministry and entertainment.