Who is Dan Rather’s wife, Jean Goebel?

Who is Dan Rather’s wife, Jean Goebel?

Dan Rather, a highly accomplished journalist, has been in the news industry for many years. He is also known for having a successful marriage of 67 years to his wife, Jean Goebel.

Jean Goebel, who is now 92 years old, has been a supportive partner to Dan throughout his career. Despite the strains that the demanding nature of his job put on their family life, Jean remained committed to making their relationship work. Dan described her as having a “fighting heart” and being dedicated to their marriage.

The couple first met in 1957 and tied the knot not long after. They have two children together, a daughter named Robin, and a son named Danjack. Dan credits his supportive wife and wonderful children for the success of their long-lasting marriage.

Dan and Jean’s daughter, Robin, is an environmental activist and sustainability expert, while their son, Danjack, worked as an assistant district attorney in Manhattan for over 30 years. The couple’s son, Martin, also got involved in politics.

Despite the challenges of Dan’s demanding career, he always made time for his family and tried to make every moment count when he was home. His dedication to his marriage and family has been a key factor in maintaining a strong and lasting relationship with his wife, Jean Goebel.