UFOA B Zone announces start dates for U-17 and U-20 qualifiers: Accra and Lome set as host cities

UFOA B zone announces start dates for U-17 and U-20 qualifiers

The Union of West African Federations B (UFOA B) has officially announced the start dates for the Under-17 and Under-20 qualification tournaments in the region.

In a press release issued on Thursday, February 22, 2024, UFOA B revealed key details about the locations and schedules for these highly anticipated competitions.

According to the announcement, the race to secure spots in the upcoming Under-17 Cup of Nations will begin in Accra, Ghana, from May 15 to 29, 2024. The tournament is expected to showcase youthful talent and fierce competition as teams compete for a place in the continental championship.

After the Under-17 qualifiers, attention will turn to Lome, Togo, for the Under-20 Cup of Nations qualification games. The event is set to take place from October 17 to 31, 2024, and will see rising stars from the region battling it out on the field with hopes of representing their nations on the continental stage.

This announcement has sparked excitement among football enthusiasts, who eagerly await the clash of titans and the emergence of future footballing prodigies. With Accra and Lome ready to witness the excitement of youth football at its peak, the stage is set for an unforgettable journey towards continental glory.

In the previous edition of the UFOA U-20 qualification tournament, Nigeria emerged victorious with a hard-fought 2-1 win over Benin on May 20, 2022. Similarly, in the U-17 category, Nigeria secured the championship title after a thrilling final against Burkina Faso, which ended with a scoreline of 2-1 during the qualifiers held in Ghana in June 2022.