New ‘The Toxic Avenger’ Comic in the Works

New comic in the works for the Toxic Avenger

The Toxic Avenger is making a comeback in the world of comics with a five-issue comic book series. The collaboration between Pulitzer Prize finalist Matt Bors, founder of The Nib, and artist Fred Harper will be published by Syracuse-based AHOY Comics. The mini-series is aiming for a fall debut.

The series is a take on the infamous 1984 low-budget cult classic movie produced by Troma Entertainment. The new comic delves into the story of a super-strong, hideously deformed creature named Melvin Junko who fights against the corporation Biohazard Solutions. The series promises to combine elements of the original films with updated storytelling to reflect environmental devastation, corporate control, and social media mutation.

Moreover, AHOY’s editor-in-chief, Tom Peyer, promises to deliver violent action, gross mutations, bursting pustules, eye-popping visuals, and trenchant humor in the comic. According to Bors, “The Toxic Avenger is first and foremost an environmental satire, one that tells the story of small-town unremarkable people trapped and transformed by uncontrollable circumstances.”

The first issue of the series will be released on October 9, featuring a first-look image on the cover. This revival of The Toxic Avenger is expected to excite fans of the franchise.