Video: Milky food with foreign spice – Lady unveils “wele” or “ponmo” inside doughnut 

VIDEO: Milky food with foreign spice – Lady discovers “wele” aka “ponmo” inside doughnut

A shocking incident has left a young lady in utter disbelief after she made a surprising discovery in a milky doughnut purchased from a Nigerian eatery.

The bewildered customer shared her experience of buying the snack only to find an unexpected item hidden inside.

Instead of the anticipated milky filling, the doughnut contained “Wele” or “Ponmo,” drenched in a milky substance.

In a video shared online, the woman expressed her shock and confusion, questioning why such an unusual ingredient was used by the baker.

The incident has sparked a debate online, with many expressing their astonishment at the bizarre combination of flavors.


Ponmo inside doughnut 😂@Lionmessix

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