I’ve not recouped any of my investment from the now-demolished Fantasy Dome – CEO

I’ve not recouped any of my investment from the now-demolished Fantasy Dome – CEO

Leslie Quaynor, the visionary behind the popular events venue Fantasy Dome, has opened up about the challenges his business has faced since its inception in 2018.

During an interview on Daybreak Hitz with Andy Dosty, Quaynor revealed that he has not seen any returns on his investments in the now-demolished Fantasy Dome. The CEO explained that a series of setbacks, including the impact of COVID-19 and redevelopment plans, have hindered the venue’s operations.

Quaynor lamented the timing of these challenges, stating, “Just as I started operations in 2019, COVID-19 emerged the following year, forcing us to halt activities for two and a half years. Subsequent redevelopment plans in 2021 and 2022 further disrupted our business operations.”

The CEO expressed frustration over the terms of his lease with the Trade Fair Company, which required a six-month notice for relocation within the Trade Fair premises. Despite efforts to negotiate with Trade Fair Company Limited CEO, Dr. Agnes Adu, to retain the same space for a year, Quaynor was unable to reach a compromise.

The financial strain of relocating the Fantasy Dome, which involved excavation and preparation of new land costing millions of dollars, has left Quaynor at a loss. He highlighted the impracticality of investing millions in a temporary space with only a year left on his lease.

The inability to agree with the Trade Fair Company has not only hindered Quaynor’s ability to recoup his investments but has also impaired the Fantasy Dome’s capacity to operate effectively.

The CEO’s appeal for understanding underscores the challenges faced by businesses in navigating unforeseen circumstances and contractual obligations.