Champagne, caffeine and chaos: Fashion week descends on Paris

Champagne, caffeine and chaos fashion week descends on Paris

Paris Fashion Week is a six-day extravaganza that transports attendees into an alternate reality filled with glamour and high fashion. The recent Menswear Spring/Summer 25 event in Paris showcased the city’s dedication to fashion and style, attracting a diverse crowd of models, PR professionals, and fashion enthusiasts.

One of the most anticipated shows at Paris Fashion Week was Louis Vuitton’s unveiling of its new collection under the creative direction of Pharrell Williams. The show, held at the iconic Unesco building, drew a star-studded front row including Anna Wintour, Sabrina Carpenter, Burna Boy, and Stormzy. The collection celebrated athletic prowess with reworked football jerseys and nods to the upcoming Olympic Games.

Another highlight of the event was Prototypes, a brand favored by Kanye West. Known for its alternative fashion movement, Prototypes showcased designs inspired by sports and Berlin’s clubbing scene. The controversial rapper has been a longtime supporter of the brand, and his presence at the show created a buzz among attendees.

Quiet luxury was also a theme at Paris Fashion Week, with shows from Issey Miyake and System offering dreamy and soothing collections. System, a Korean brand, wowed the audience with clean lines and modest layers, while Issey Miyake presented an ethereal and colorful runway show.

A$AP Rocky made waves with his off-calendar show, “American Sabotage,” which featured political references and social commentary. The show, hosted by his creative agency AWGE, immersed guests in a multi-sensory experience filled with activism and glamour.

Dries Van Noten’s final show marked the end of an era in the fashion world. The Belgian designer, known for his unique aesthetic and timeless designs, bid farewell with a grand spectacle that left guests in awe. The show, featuring models of all ages and intricate designs, was a fitting tribute to Van Noten’s illustrious career.

Overall, Paris Fashion Week was a whirlwind of creativity, style, and innovation, showcasing the best of global fashion and setting the stage for future trends. The event concluded on a high note, leaving attendees inspired and eager for more.