Duck Duck Jeep founder Allison Parliament apologized to fans & said she ‘needed a break’ days before her sudden death

Duck duck jeep founder Allison Parliament apologized to fans and said she ‘needed a break’ days before her sudden death

The late founder of Duck Duck Jeep, Allison Parliament, had expressed the need for a break just weeks before her sudden death on June 22, leaving fans in shock.

Parliament’s touching apology was posted on social media, assuring her followers that she would respond to their messages the next day after taking some time off.

She highlighted the importance of self-care, mentioning how sometimes people forget that others have things going on in their lives apart from being constantly available on their phones.

Parliament, known for her organization Duck Duck Jeep, began the movement by placing a rubber duck on a stranger’s jeep that resembled her own, spreading joy and kindness in her community.

After moving back to her hometown in Ontario, Canada, she inspired other Jeep owners to participate in the movement, using rubber ducks to brighten each other’s days.

Her cause of death remains undisclosed, but her family released a statement praising her for the impact she had on the global Jeep community, promoting unity and camaraderie.

Supporters and fans took to social media to express their disbelief and sadness over her passing, remembering her for the positivity and joy she spread through her initiative.

Parliament’s legacy lives on in the hearts of Jeep enthusiasts worldwide, who continue to honor her memory by keeping her vision alive.

Despite the tragic loss, Allison Parliament’s legacy of kindness and unity remains an enduring testament to the power of spreading joy and love through simple gestures.