Wesley Kesse gets social media buzzing with ravishing outfit at TGMA 2024

Wesley Kesse’s outfit at TGMA 2024 gets social media talking

The Ghanaian social media influencer turned heads at the recent Telecel Ghana Music Awards, sparking discussions about the future of red carpet fashion in the country.

The TGMA is known for celebrating the best of Ghana’s showbiz industry, and this year was no exception. One name that stood out on the red carpet was Wesley Kesse.

Sporting an unconventional style, Kesse made a bold statement with his outfit choices for the night. He first appeared in a unique piece that garnered attention from attendees, photographers, and fans watching from home. Later, he changed into a black and mint blue outfit designed by First Tribe Africa.

His bright red palazzo pants and intricately designed jacket stole the show, with 3D-printed rose petals adorning the garment. Each petal was meticulously hand-stitched to create a lifelike bloom that moved with Kesse as he walked.

The outfit was a masterpiece of expert craftsmanship, blending traditional menswear with a touch of artistic expression. Under the spotlight, Kesse and his ensemble became a vision of style, confidence, and creativity.

While some may view his fashion choices as extravagant, designer Quophi Akotuah sees it as a symbol of a new era in fashion.

Embracing individuality and pushing boundaries, Kesse’s attire represents a shift in the Ghanaian red carpet experience towards self-expression and identity through clothing.