Vanessa’s happy video amidst Funny Face’s ordeal sparks concerns online

Funny Face’s baby mama, Vanessa, has been spotted in a video circulating on social media, enjoying herself at a wedding.

This has added a new layer to Funny Face’s ongoing struggles, as Vanessa seemed to be having a great time at the event.

In the video, Vanessa is seen attending the wedding as a photographer, capturing moments and displaying her enjoyment. The background song she chose, which talks about finding joy in her heart, sparked various reactions online.

This sighting of Vanessa at a celebratory event has raised some eyebrows, especially considering her history with Funny Face.

The couple has been through ups and downs in their relationship, and this latest development has caught the attention of many.

It remains to be seen how Funny Face will react to seeing Vanessa having a good time at the wedding.

This incident has certainly added a new twist to the ongoing saga between the two, leaving fans and followers curious about what will happen next.