I needed to fly in engineers from China to dismantle the Fantasy Dome – CEO

I needed to fly in engineers from China to dismantle the Fantasy Dome – CEO

Fantasy Dome CEO, Leslie Quaynor, has disclosed one of the challenges he faced in relocating the popular event center from the Trade Fair site. He mentioned that besides not securing a new piece of land for the relocation, he needed to bring in engineers from China to dismantle the structure.

In an interview with Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z, Quaynor explained that the complexity of the Dome required specialized engineers from China to dismantle it, alongside the need for a new location to reassemble the structure. Unfortunately, the demolition of the 20,000-seater capacity Fantasy Dome on March 16, 2024, by the Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited was a result of ongoing redevelopment projects at the Trade Fair Centre.

According to Dr. Agnes Adu, the Chief Executive Officer of the Trade Fair, they had given several notices to Quaynor to vacate the premises as part of their tenancy agreement. Despite ample time given for the relocation, Quaynor’s lease had ended, and efforts to extend it were unsuccessful.

In an attempt to prevent the demolition, Quaynor sought legal intervention through a writ and injunction at the Accra High Court, but the Trade Fair proceeded with the demolition. This has not only affected Quaynor’s business but also dealt a blow to the entertainment industry in need of such event centers to thrive.

Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, Mark Okraku-Mantey, expressed his support for Quaynor, mentioning that efforts were made to find a new location for the Dome before the demolition. Despite challenges with available land, Okraku-Mantey remains committed to assisting Quaynor in relocating the Fantasy Dome to a suitable venue.