“My calling is real and not for social media attention” – Victoria Lebene

My calling is real and not for social media attention – Victoria Lebene

Renowned actress Victoria Lebene has recently made headlines for embarking on a new chapter in her life as a ‘minister of the gospel’.

While some have commended her for this bold move, others have questioned the authenticity of her calling, speculating that it may be a ploy for social media attention.

In an exclusive interview with Showbiz Graphic, Lebene addressed these rumors, vehemently asserting that her dedication to serving as a minister is not driven by a desire for clout or social media engagement.

She revealed that the calling had been present in her life for a long time, but she needed to give herself the time and space to fully embrace it and execute her new role effectively.

“My calling is real and genuine. It is not about seeking attention or validation on social media. I have been preparing for this role for a while now, and I needed to take the necessary steps to ensure that I am fully ready to fulfill this calling without putting too much pressure on myself,” Lebene stated.