Actress Victoria Lebene embraces new role as preacher on social media

Actress Victoria Lebene embraces new role as preacher on social media

Popular actress and entrepreneur Victoria Lebene shocked her fans on Monday, April 22, 2024, when she took on the role of a preacher during her Instagram live session titled The Word.

Transitioning smoothly into her new role, she began the session with a heartfelt song before delving into biblical verses from the Book of Isaiah, centered around her chosen theme of “Accelerating God’s Speed in Life.”

This unexpected move by Lebene was not a scripted scene from a movie but a pivotal moment where the actress solidified her commitment to ministry, spreading the word of God and leading souls to the kingdom.

Since then, as a self-proclaimed ‘minister of the gospel,’ she has garnered attention as expected. While some have applauded her for embracing her calling, others have viewed it as a ploy for social media engagement and attention.

In an interview with Showbiz Graphic, Lebene defended her dedication to serving and ministering, emphasizing that it was not fueled by a desire for fame or social media recognition but by a genuine calling she had fostered for some time.

She underscored the authenticity of her calling, revealing that although it had been present for a while, she needed to acknowledge it and set aside the necessary time and space to carry it out effectively.

“My calling is genuine and not for the sake of social media engagement or fame. It has been present, but with my involvement in various activities, I needed to give myself the pace and time to fulfill that role so as not to overwhelm myself,” she explained.

Lebene highlighted the importance of heeding the call and fulfilling one’s purpose on earth, as life is fleeting and unpredictable.