I still love Fella Makafui, she is a good person – Medikal

I still love Fella Makafui, she is a good person – Medikal

Ghanaian music sensation Medikal has recently opened up about his feelings towards his ex-wife, Fella Makafui.

Despite their split, Medikal expressed that Fella Makafui still holds a special place in his heart, especially due to her role as the mother of their child. He went on to dispel any negative perceptions and described her as a good person, contrary to public opinion.

“I still love Fella Makafui; she is a good person. She is the mother of my child. She is good despite what people think,” Medikal shared.

Furthermore, he expressed his willingness to perform at Fella Makafui’s wedding if the occasion arose, demonstrating a mature and respectful attitude towards their relationship.

Medikal, known for his musical prowess, is gearing up for a music concert at the prestigious O2 Arena in London. Fans can look forward to performances from top artists such as Sarkodie, Kwesi Arthur, Efya, and more.

In a tweet shared by Ölele, Medikal’s sentiments towards Fella Makafui were summarized, highlighting his unwavering affection towards his ex-wife.

The tweet also mentioned Medikal’s readiness to support Fella Makafui even if she decides to marry someone else, showcasing a level of respect and admiration for their past relationship.