I never knew I would become a superstar 5 years ago – Serwaa Amihere

I never knew I would become a superstar 5 years ago – Serwaa Amihere

Popular broadcast journalist Serwaa Amihere has broken her silence after an intimate video featuring her and Henry Fitz surfaced online.

The video, which has been making rounds on social media, shows Serwaa and Fitz in a compromising position. It is believed that the video was recorded back in 2019, before Fitz tied the knot.

Rumors suggest that Serwaa even attended Fitz’s wedding as a guest before getting involved with him romantically.

The revelation of this video has been met with widespread criticism, especially due to Serwaa’s high standing in society.

In a statement released on her social media platforms on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, Serwaa apologized for any distress caused to her family, employers, loved ones, and the brands she represents.

Serwaa confirmed that the video was filmed five years ago and admitted to underestimating her influence and the consequences of her actions on society.

The journalist revealed that the video was leaked after months of threats and extortion, despite efforts by authorities to handle the situation.

“I have gleaned valuable lessons from this experience,” Serwaa stated, expressing her readiness to progress with a newfound understanding.

“I genuinely underestimated my influence, my potentials, and what I would represent to this society five years ago.”