I slept with Serwaa Amihere a day after my wedding – Henry Fitz reveals

I slept with Serwaa Amihere a day after my wedding – Henry Fitz reveals

Despite being declared wanted by the state for his alleged involvement in sharing intimate images without consent, Henry Fitz has decided to speak up and fight against the allegations.

The businessman has taken to social media to share posts that are seen as damaging, especially following the court summons from the state. In one of his posts on SnapChat, Henry claimed that he had a sexual encounter with Serwaa Amihere the day after his wedding in 2019.

He accused Serwaa of seeing him as a gold mine and using him for her gain. Henry also stated that his wife discovered the affair, putting a strain on his marriage.

Furthermore, he warned Serwaa to stop attacking him and threatened retaliation if she continued. Henry, along with two others, is facing legal action over the non-consensual sharing of intimate images.

This case has gained attention, especially after a video of Serwaa and Henry kissing in bed surfaced online. While many criticized Serwaa, Henry denied leaking the video as alleged by some media outlets.

The complainant in the case, Serwaa Amihere, is a media personality based in Accra, while the accused individuals have been identified as Al Edem Saviour Ketti and Candylove Kwakyewaa Ababio.

The events leading to this legal battle began when the complainant’s makeup artist received messages demanding money for alleged nude pictures of Serwaa. Subsequently, nude images were posted on social media, leading to arrests and ongoing investigations.

Efforts are being made to apprehend all individuals involved in this case to face the full extent of the law. Henry Fitz remains adamant about defending himself and is determined to fight against the accusations brought against him.