I met my father after my mother raised me for 19 years – Musician King Paluta

I met my father after my mother raised me for 19 years – King Paluta

Ghanaian musician King Paluta recently opened up about his upbringing in a candid interview on The Delay Show.

Raised by his mother in the absence of his father for nineteen years, King Paluta humorously compared his family situation to biblical figures, jokingly calling himself ‘Jesus’ due to his mother’s name being Mary and his father’s name being Joseph, as well as his birth out of wedlock.

Recalling his first meeting with his father at the age of nineteen, King Paluta shared that his parents were not married when he was born, and his father was often away in Ghana, leaving them unaware of his whereabouts.

Despite this, his mother chose not to pursue relationships with other men, focusing on raising her children instead.

Interestingly, King Paluta revealed that his parents reconciled before his father’s passing in 2022. The musician also spoke about his musical journey, mentioning that he wrote his debut song in 2004 and invested his school fees in studio sessions to pursue his passion for music.

With hit songs like ‘Aha Akye,’ ‘Sika Aba Fie,’ ‘YaHitte,’ and ‘Aseda,’ King Paluta has solidified his reputation as a talented and respected artist in the Ghanaian music industry.