VIDEO: Don’t ask secular artistes if they smoke – King Paluta tells Delay

In a recent interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso, popular rapper King Paluta expressed his frustration with the prejudice against secular artists when it comes to smoking.

The rapper believes that it is unfair to constantly ask secular artists whether they smoke, as it only perpetuates negative stereotypes.

According to King Paluta, instead of targeting secular artists with questions about marijuana use, the focus should be on gospel musicians.

He argues that there is a misconception that secular artists are more likely to smoke, so denying it won’t change people’s perceptions.

“I believe that these kinds of questions should go to Nacee, Brother Sammy, and other gospel artists because, as a secular artist, people already think I smoke, so if I say I don’t smoke, it won’t change their perception of me,” King Paluta stated.

This highlights the double standard that exists in the music industry, where secular artists are often unfairly judged based on stereotypes.

King Paluta’s comments shed light on the need to challenge these prejudices and treat all artists with the same respect and fairness, regardless of their genre.