Funny Face nearly lynched after knocking down mother and two children as well as two motorcyclists

Ghanaian comedian DKB has provided important updates on the recent accident involving fellow comedian Funny Face at Kasoa, Kotokroba Junction on Sunday evening.

In a video shared on Monday morning, DKB shared that despite initial fears, none of the five people involved in the accident had succumbed to their injuries.

He praised the prompt response of the Ghana Police, preventing Funny Face from facing mob justice and ensuring his safety.

DKB expressed his gratitude towards the police for their swift action and emphasized that there were no fatalities from the accident.

He mentioned that he rushed to Kasoa to investigate the incident and explore ways in which fellow comedians and celebrities could assist the affected parties.

According to reports, Funny Face allegedly collided with a woman and her two children, as well as two motorcyclists. All the injured individuals have been taken to medical facilities for treatment. As of now, the police have not released an official statement regarding the incident.

The incident has sparked discussion and updates on social media platforms, with eyewitness accounts and videos circulating online.

However, DKB’s updates provide a more detailed and factual overview of the situation.