Funny Face failed to perform at my show after taking money – Parrot Mouth

Funny Face failed to perform at my show after taking money – Nigerian comedian Parrot Mouth

Parrot Mouth, a popular Nigerian comedian residing in Ghana, has recently voiced his disappointment in Funny Face’s handling of a business deal they struck last year.

In an interview with Hitz FM’s Doreen Avio, Parrot Mouth revealed that Funny Face failed to honor a performance contract they had agreed upon for a comedy event in Ghana.

The event, titled “Laugh it Off,” took place on April 30, 2024, at the AIS Auditorium and featured performances by Funny Face, Akpororo, and other comedians.

Parrot Mouth disclosed that Funny Face had received half of the payment upfront and was supposed to receive the remaining amount after his performance. However, Funny Face unexpectedly demanded full payment before even setting foot in the auditorium.

Despite agreeing to the revised terms, Funny Face did not show up for the event, leaving Parrot Mouth and his team waiting for him backstage. Despite numerous attempts to reach Funny Face, he did not respond and has yet to return the money he was paid for the performance.

Parrot Mouth expressed his frustration with the situation, emphasizing that he did not pursue a refund or any legal action against Funny Face because he believes in karma.

He also mentioned that preparations are underway for the 2024 edition of ‘Laugh it Off,’ scheduled to take place on April 28, 2024, at the AIS Auditorium. The lineup for the upcoming event includes DKB, Khemikal, Putogo, Pararan, Akpororo, and Real Warri Pikin.