Home Depot’s skeleton dog: What is it and how can I buy?

Home Depot’s skeleton dog: What is it and how can I buy?

Home Depot is already getting into the Halloween spirit by releasing their festive decorations for the upcoming spooky season. While Halloween is still months away, the popular retailer has put up for sale a new addition to their lineup: Skelly’s Dog.

Known for their wide range of home improvement products, Home Depot also offers a variety of seasonal decorations, including the infamous 12-foot skeleton named Skelly. This year, they have introduced a new companion to the spooky skeleton – a seven-foot-tall skeleton dog. Skelly’s Dog comes equipped with animated LCD eyes, an adjustable jaw, and a tail, making it the perfect addition to any Halloween display.

According to the Home Depot website, Skelly’s Dog can be used both indoors and outdoors, giving customers the flexibility to place it wherever they desire. The skeleton dog is available for purchase on the Home Depot website, along with other Halloween favorites such as the 12.5-foot Inferno Deadwood Skelly, a 7-foot Animated Frankenstein’s Monster, and a five-foot battery-operated LED Ultra-Posable Skeleton 3 Pack.

To kick off the Halloween season, Home Depot has launched their ‘Halfway to Halloween’ event on April 24th, with sales starting on April 25th. This event gives Halloween enthusiasts the opportunity to get their hands on limited quantities of the new spooky decorations before they sell out. The retailer has not disclosed when or if they will restock these popular items, so customers are encouraged to act fast.

Whether you’re looking to add a skeleton dog to your Halloween decor collection or wanting to stock up on other ghoulish decorations, Home Depot has you covered with their latest offerings. Get into the Halloween spirit early and start preparing for a spooktacular season ahead with these frighteningly fun decorations.